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Beyond Universe, based in Dubai, uses digital transmission for Middle Eastern business sectors and improves the Works With Good Data WWGD by developing and introducing brand-new, cutting-edge applications to the Middle Eastern market, integrating AI/ML, XR (VR, MR AR) with business operations in unprecedented ways to gather and analyze data in real-time to support human decision-making.
Beyond Universe intends to be the first firm in the Middle East to take the lead in delivering Metaverse and XR technology to the Business Industry with this effort.

Our Expertise

More than two decades' worth of experience in industrial professional engineering and software development have brought together a team of experts in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), cyber security, , Mixed Reality and business data science. We are certain that we can Metaverse your company and put AI at your fingertips.

Our Philosophy

Our Blue Ocean Strategy enables firms to break out of the deadly red ocean of competition by developing uncontested market space that leaves the competitors obsolete, rather than sharing existing (often shrinking) demand and assessing rivals.

While striving for distinctiveness and low costs, Beyond Universe's strategy places value innovation at its core. Rather than focusing on destroying the competition, we aim to make the competition obsolete by increasing the value consumers and your company get, therefore opening up new and uncontested market space.

Our Commitment to Results

Beyond Universe is a one-stop shop for the optimum use of VR, AR, and MR applications daily operations, with evidence-based proof of how VR, AR, and MR technologies can increase the project's success triangle ( Cost, Time, Quality ).

We make sure your XR, AI/ML project makes an effect! Beyond Universe experts and data scientists will work closely with your Microsoft Teams cohort across the entire design and implementation phases of your Mixed Reality projects, allowing for optimum return on investment (ROI).

User Centric approach: We work from the principle that a solution should meet three essential criteria to encourage user participation. It should be: Useful, Usable and Used 


" With an ecosystem built around it, we thought HoloLens might go somewhere. We took a chance with Microsoft and were quickly proven correct."

The Team

Eng. Thair Alfararjeh - PhD. Candidate-UK " Metaverse Of Things" / MBA Metaverse - UK

Founder- CEO

Thair Alfararjeh is a results-driven Business Consultant with a tow decade of experience in top facilities management organizations. Thair specializes in FM technology, Business Intelligence and attends national training events on a regular basis to exhibit new tech trends such as Mixed-Reality applications and sourcing analytics tools. Thair, a firm believer in the power of data and technology in the business, creates campaigns on a regular basis to aid business players with effective ways for applying technologies and the power of data in their sectors.

Thair's experience encompasses every job description, from facilities manager to operations manager, general manager, COO, and most recently Founder-CEO of Beyond Universe FM Mixed Reality solutions. He has hands-on experience doing technical investigations, analysis, expert reports, and testifying in commercial litigation issues. His analytical topics have included code compliance, sourcing supply models, and efficient technology deployment.

Thair has a Bachelor of Computer Science degree Master's degree in MBA-Global from University of Bedfordshire-UK. (1).png
Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 4.38.20 PM.png

PhD.Eng. Marwan Sherry 

Co-Founder- Head of AI/ML 

Marwan Sherri received his PhD in mechanical engineering from the university of Johannesburg, South Africa in 2022. He has published 7 research papers out of his doctoral thesis. His research interest includes the advanced optimization algorithms, Bayesian probability theory, and the predictive analytics. In addition to his academic contributions, Marwan has worked for 10 years in the electrical power generation facilities. He is experienced in both the conventional and renewable power generation. He is a lead auditor for energy management implementation. He is now a specialist for applying the machine learning solutions on the energy industry. Including the smart operations for the thermal/renewable power plants and the smart grid solutions for the utility and services.      

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